• Insurance

    US Health Insurance plans vary widely in their coverage, but in México most of them only cover emergencies. In case of an emergency, at your arrival, we will check your insurance plan and guide you through the admission process.

    For every other scenario, Hospital Velmar will make a charge in advance as a deposit. The amount depends on the procedure or treatment you will take. Every 24 hours we will update your bill, and in the end, If you have balance on your favor, we will refund the exceeded amount.

    We accept credit and debit cards.

  • During your stay

    Included services:

    • Digital TV

    • WIFI

    • Room phone (for incoming calls)

    • Room cleansing and fresh clothes every day

    • Meals, specialized diet according to the needs of each patient

    • Parking pass for companion (1)

    • Security safe for personal belongings

    Services with extra cost

    • Outgoing phone calls

    • Additional bed for night companion

    • Meals for companion

  • Regulations

    • Visiting hours, from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM

    • No more than 3 companions during the day and 1 during the night. The rest of the companions should wait in the coffee shop or the lobby

    • Children under 12 years old, are not allowed in hospitalization areas

    • Smoking, flowers and food from the street is prohibited

    • Hospital Velmar is not responsible for belongings that are not inside the security safe

  • Frequently Asked Questions

      In case of hospitalization, what should I bring ?
      Hospital Velmar will provide everything you need to make your hospitalization as comfortable as possible. If you wish, you can bring comfortable shoes to walk around, pajamas and / or personal care items.

      How long before a surgical procedure should I be at the Hospital?
      It is recommended to be in the Hospital at least 2 hours before the procedure for carrying out the admission process.

      What is the hospital's opening hours?
      Emergency care is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hours of our specialists are varied from Monday to Saturday, you can consult the Medical Directory section to see the hours of service.

      If me or my companions need to stay near the hospital, what are the options?
      There are several hotel options in the area. Just across the street is Hotel Las Dunas. One block away is Hotel Suites Malena and 10 minutes walking distance you can find Hotel Costa Baja, Hotel Don Fernando, Hotel Corona, Hotel Mission Santa Isabel, Hotel Villa Marina, Hotel Bahía, Hotel San Nicolas and Hotel Santo Tomas.